Monday, 7 September 2009

The Midnight Meat Train

Dir. Ryuhei Kitamura
Starring: Vinnie Jones, Bradley Cooper & Leslie Bibb.

So, where to start.....

To begin with Midnight Meat Train seems like a pretty straight forward horror film. The opening scene shows some sort of out of the blue death scene to get the audience thinking about what's going on and whats going to eventually happen. Thus enters Leon (Bradley Cooper). Leon is an unemployed photographer who is striving to take that "perfect picture"

Leon takes advice from Brooke Shields seemingly pointless character and begins to look for danger in his shots which leads him to follow a gang of thugs into a subway station to which he ends up saving a Chinese model (Erika) from being mugged by the gang. However, once Leon leaves Erika she boards a train and meets her untimely demise at the hands of Vinnie Jones' character simply known as "Mahogany"

Shortly after this Leon becomes infatuated in Mahogany and the subway station where Erika disappeared and begins to follow Mahogany as best as he can to learn the truth about what exactly happens on these very late night trains.

Midnight Meat Train comes across as a very plot driven horror film which takes care in giving depth to it's little cast and to also give the audience a good scare however for me this film got a little silly upon the reveal of a clearly not thought about "twist" ending. To it's credit I was thoroughly enjoying the film until this ending left me baffled and confused.

All in all Midnight Meat Train delivers in terms of character motivation, depth and recognition but as I've said the nonsical twist seems to spoil and make waste of what could have been a very good and thought out ending.


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