Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Dir. Doug Liman
Starring: Hayden Christensen, Rachel Bilson, Jamie Bell & Samuel L. Jackson

Jumper starts off with the back story of David who like anybody else is having troubles at home and at school. The back story is narrated by Hayden Christensen who plays David for the majority of the film. The back story fits in will with the film's narrative flow as it provides an insight into David's 'First Jump'

Soon enough we are thrown into the present day as Roland (Samuel L. Jackson, sporting a white haired look) introduces himself as an NSA agent looking into a bank robbery in which David was the culprit. As the film moves forward we learn that Roland is not an NSA agent but he is in fact a Paladin. A Paladin is someone who tracks down Jumpers in an attempt to kill them as they disagree with the way they live their lives.

Another Jumper is introduced in the form of Griffin (Jamie Bell). Griffin is a veteran at jumping and decides to let David know that he's not alone. Jamie Bell was the stand out actor for me in this film as Griffin. He's sharp and witty which is a big contrast to Christensen's David who is sometimes very emotionless.

Attempting to escape Roland, to begin with David returns to his hometown for the first time in 8 years. Despite this and the fact alot of people thought he was dead, he still decides to whisk his high school sweetheart Millie (Rachel Bilson) off to Rome.

After this Jumper throws so may things at you it's hard to keep up. You get to see David Mum Mary (Diane Lane) I honestly wondered where the hell she came from being as the story is 'She left when i was five' Not to worry though her presence is explained in 5 minutes at the end of the film.

Overall Jumper was an OK film, nothing more. There was plenty of fast paced action but the whole narrative seemed to be very compressed in order for it to fit a mere 84 minutes.


P.S - Look out for a pre Twilight Kristen Stewart.

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