Friday, 11 September 2009


Dir: Peter Berg
Starring: Will Smith, Charlize Theron & Jason Bateman

Ah Hancock, how you misled me.

So I'm in Morrisons and I see Hancock for £3.99, Why not? It's a Superhero film, I like Superhero films, Why not? Oh how I was wrong.

OK, I'm not saying Hancock is a bad film, I'm saying it fell apart half way through, Which it seems a lot of films are doing these days. Basically Hancock is a anti-hero, He's a drunken bum who doesn't take much care in his work.

The opening scenes seem promising, He's a guy with a difference but yet you can relate to him. He's seen as an outcast in the town even when he saves Ray (Jason Bateman) from an oncoming train, Hancock then begins working with Ray on his "image" and "public interface" It's Ray's idea to have Hancock go to jail for the choas he causes in the city and wait it out until the city comes calling for him, and sure enough it does.

Now it falls apart.

Ray is married to Mary (Charlize Theron) who, from the moment you meet her, is hiding something and it's not very well hidden. As usual I won't spoil the film but there's a twist in there which honestly, makes you scratch your head every time it's developed on.

I wanted Hancock to be great and for the first half it was but it just fell apart from there. I didn't like the fact that they felt they had to explain how Hancock got his powers in such a confusing way. I would have been happy if it was only hinted on, not fully revealed.

Watching Hancock made me realise how much I like Jason Bateman as an actor. From his work on Juno to his small role in Dodgeball, he's really impressing me with his acting. Looking at Will Smiths IMDB page as I write this, I own a lot of his films and have seen a lot more too but this is the one which i had most trouble with.

I believe Smith as Del Spooner in I, Robot, as Robert Neville in I Am Legend and even as James West in Wild Wild West but there are times where I don't believe him as a drunk superhero, you'll have to watch to to see what I mean.

On a last note, I wanted to see Hancock because Johnny Galecki (Leonard from The Big Bang Theory) is in it, but it's only a bit part. Kinda like Keith Richards in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End.

Overall, I enjoyed Hancock for the most part but thought it could have done alot better without the silly twist.


P.S - Will Smith has 25 films in development on IMDB, can you believe that?

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