Monday, 14 September 2009

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia

Dir. Tim Matheson
Starring: Joe Manganiello & Mr. Kennedy

Give me a camera, a field, some actors and a few guns and I could make this movie.

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia is the third Enemy Lines and WWE's fourth film as a major production company. Starring now ex WWE superstar Mr. Kennedy and One Tree Hill's Joe Manganiello, Behind Enemy Lines is a war movie about a conspiracy happening between the Colombian Army and the U.S Army.

From the outset I noticed that Behind Enemy Lines was 'different' to other films I have seen. They introduce the characters through a freeze frame and title cards. This didn't bother me as such until the film progressed some more and the characters barely ever communicated with each other using their names, why? I don't really know.

Some of the dialogue and plot lines had me scratching my head from the beginning. They were explaining who F.A.R.C where and said they are the 'Revolutionary Colombian Armed Forces' R.C.A.F? Also Kennedy's character has a crack at Manganiello by stated that he is 'too ancient to be leading us behind enemy lines' Manganiello is 32, while Kennedy (who is playing a younger character) is 33. Not a huge age difference but I personally think that both actors could have done with a role reversal to make it more believeable.

Behind Enemy Lines was a made for DVD movie and that's another thing that bothered me. You could tell where the budget was tight especially in terms of CGI. Moments like a Parachute Drop and News Reports could have been done better but clearly the budget was used on weapons and what not.

The camera work made me think I was watching Ultimate Force or something, It didn't feel like I was watching a feature film. Instead of moving the camera in order to make something fit the frame, make the frame bigger. It could have been done.

All in all the plot idea was very good, but not well executed. To it's credit the rescue mission is shot well and has a decent amount of action which gives the audience one of the only suspenseful moments during the 94 minute run time.

Did every American have to die in slow motion?


P.S - Whilst writing this review it became known that Patrick Swayze has passed away. My condolences go out to his family and friends. It seems as though a lot of well known faces have been lost this year. R.I.P

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