Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Major Catch Up

Ok, So I've sorta been neglecting blogging lately and I shouldn't have done really. My laptop has been playing up to be fair and as I've finally brought my Xbox to Uni I've been a bit preoccupied but nevertheless I am going to get back on track and review the seven films I've seen between now and the last review. These aren't the full reviews I usually do because there's too many to write but I will return to my usual reviews for the next film I see.

The Invention Of Lying - I hated this film. It looked really funny from the trailer and Ricky Gervais didn't disappoint in Ghost Town but the entire film was flat and dull. I was really annoyed after seeing this as well hopefully Cemetery Junction will be better. *

Zombieland - Talk about a fantastic time in the cinema. As Jimmy Carr put it on Twitter: "Zombieland rules the school" and so it does. It's full of laughs and zombie killings that never disappoint. Woody Harrelson has a good turn in this as Tallahassee and Jesse Einsberg strangely resembles Michael Cera. Seriously one of my favourite films of the year and a definite must see, even if it is only for Bill Murray. *****

Up - Pixar have done it again. Up is a film full of emotion and comedy which is a definite hit for audiences alike. Being 19 I didn't know if i'd enjoy this or not (But I did choose it over Halloween 2) and I can tell you I truly did. Pixar are running away with the Best Animated Feature Oscar yet again and a nomination for Best Original Screenplay wouldn't surprise me either. *****

Couples Retreat - Another year, Another Vince Vaughan comedy romp. This is a good rom-com with a few laughs here and there. Faizon Love steals every scene he's in and I'd recommend this as a good film to take your boyfriend/girlfriend to. ***

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus - This is one of those films that gets you thinking about what it is your watching. Heath Ledger gives another strong turn in his final performance and Johnny Depp is brilliant as usual. It's quite scary as to how much Depp & Ledger look like each other. I also thought Jude Law and Tom Waits gave good performances. I'd recommend it to fans of Ledger & Gilliam but also if you want a break from the mainstream and see a nice smart film for a change. ****

Saw 6 - Thank You Kevin Greutert. Saw 6 is the film that has revived the Saw franchise after the close call that was Saw 5. Hoffman is up to his old tricks again although this time Jigsaw's wife Jill has a larger part to play. The traps are as smart as they always are and dare I say it the acting in this film is the on par with the first three films. Do yourself a favour, ignore how much 5 annoyed you and go and see this. ****
(Small Tidbit: On IMDB the films are ranked 1,2,6,3,4,5 according to user reviews. Take that into consideration!)

Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant - This is based on the Darren Shan books. Which I haven't read. But i did enjoy the film. I enjoy pretty much anything with John C Reilly but if there was one flaw it would be that it feels like it's a little too long. If you like Twilight I wouldn't recommend it, mainly because you'll go into the film with a subconcious idea of what you think vampires are; Glittery skinned nonce's. ***

Michael Jackson's This Is It - Probably the most anticipated documentary in recent memory. This Is It as you all know is all the rehearsal footage from what would have been The King Of Pop's last ever tour. The cinematics are stunning, The dancers and band are fantastic and these shows would have been absolutely phenomenal. I would say this would be on the shortlist for Best Documentary Feature at the Oscars but apparently it's too late in the year for that (?). If you have the chance to see this in the cinemas go see it but I think it'll be on DVD soon. **** (I enjoyed Smooth Criminal the most but Jam is growing on me.)

And thats that. Films i'm planning on seeing soon are: Law Abiding Citizen, The Descent Part 2, The Book Of Eli, Shutter Island, The Lovely Bones and because i've dragged her to so much this year, Twilight: New Moon for the Girlfriend :D

There probably will be more than that being as I recently invested in monthly cinema passes!

Next Week (9th & 10th November) i'm attending the Raw, Smackdown & ECW TV Tapings in Sheffield so expect live reports!