Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Final Destination

Dir: David R. Ellis
Starring: Bobby Campo & Shantel VanSanten

Yet Another 3-D Horror Film.....

The Final Destination is the fourth (and what I hope last) installment of the Final Destination franchise. As usual, one unsuspecting member of the public has a 'vision' and for sees the horror which will unfold momentarily.

Nick (Campo) sees a crash take place at a raceway track whilst he's in attendance. Just like the other 3 films he warns a number of people about what is going to happen but because he prevented their deaths, Death is on their backs.

Yes even the fourth movie in the franchise uses the same old recycled plot and story to attempt to scare viewers, but this one doesn't?

This is what I like to call the typical "Teen Horror" It has Gruesome deaths which people can cringe at and say "Ewww, That was disgusting!", It has a rock type soundtrack which pulls the viewer and and most of all it has boobs. Yep, all 15 year old boys can run down to the cinema, buy their tickets and get a glimpse of a girl's breasts just for good measure.

I enjoy a good horror film. But I enjoy a good horror film that will scare me out of my wits instead of just showing me a gazillion different ways of how to kill someone. I suppose as a big fan of the Saw franchise I'm sorta contradicting myself here but the first Saw film scared me and it was considered a Thriller, not a Horror!

The 3-D bothered me with this film. The only 3-D moments where when someone died and the odd occasion where something was thrown. I remember going to watch Spy Kids 3-D in the cinema, now that was a good film for 3-D!

3-D horror these days is just becoming a gimmick. I did enjoy My Bloody Valentine earlier this year but now I've seen enough of it. Although to the film's credit, they did find some inventive ways to kill someone in 3-D.

This is yet another film aimed at the population who are too young to go and see a full on 18 certified film but are too old to go and see something like Up with their friends. This explains why the films doing so well at the Box Office.

If you've seen the last 3 Final Destination movies then you've seen this one. The only difference is you'll be sat there wearing Austin Powers' glasses.


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