Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Review: The Wolfman

The Wolfman stars Benicio Del Toro as Laurence Talbot who returns home to discover who or what murdered his brother. Whilst investigating, Talbot is bitten by the very creature that murdered his brother, a werewolf. So as the legend goes, Laurence then becomes one himself.

I quite enjoyed The Wolfman and though it was a fun yet effective take on the familiar monster story. Del Toro gives a worthy performance as Talbot but is outshined by Anthony Hopkin's delightly menacing Sir John Talbot.

Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving complete the main cast and I've gotta say, Whenever Weaving said "Mr. Talbot" all I heard was "Mr. Anderson"

The Wolfman did have it's share of flaws though. The whole Del Toro/Blunt love subplot was rushed, hell it was almost non existant and you can tell where those reshoots took place as Continuity plays a real bitch towards the climax.

All flaws aside, The Wolfman (as I've said) is a effective horror/monster film and makes for a fun, enjoyable trip to the cinema. I'm looking forward to seeing the extended cut on DVD.


I'll take Benicio Del Toro's Laurence Talbot over Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black anyday.

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