Tuesday, 23 February 2010

DVD Review: Up

Film: Up is this year's obligitary Pixar film and is destined for Oscar success. Up tells the story of Carl Fredricksen. Carl is a retired balloon salesman who recently lost his wife. Carl makes it his mission to uphold the promise to his wife that they'll go to Paradise Falls.

After tieing hundreds of balloons to his house, Carl begins to fly to Paradise Falls. Whilst in the air Carl realises that boy scout Russell stowed away on his porch and ends up traveling to Paradise Falls too.

Once they've reached Paradise Falls, Russell befriends a huge bird (which he names Kevin) and a dog called Dug. The main antagonist is Carl's childhood idol Charles Muntz who is stranded on Paradise Falls.

Up is one of the best animated films in recent memory but I suppose thats usual with Pixar. The imagary is beautiful and the character relation is nothing like anything seen in traditional Hollywood films. Up is a fantastic family film and a dead lock for Best Animated Feature.


Partly Cloudy:
The usual Pixar short film that was placed in front of up in the theatres. Great little short film and I'm surprised it's not nominated at this years Oscars.
The Many Endings of Muntz: The different ways in which Muntz would have met his demise.
Adventure Is Out There: A doc about the real Paradise Falls.
Dug's Special Mission: Spinoff about Dug which ties in nicely with the film.


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