Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Last Catch Up

Ok so in addition to yesterday's post, This is the last big catch up i'm doing. As of now I will blog reviews via my iPhone after I have watched a new film. They'll be short & sweet, Just like these.

Bruce Almighty - Great fun with Jim Carrey on top form - ****

Dawn Of The Dead (2004) - Very fun Zombie Horror - ****

Harry Brown - The slap in the face this country needs - ***

Inglourious Basterds (2009) - Confusing in parts, French & German in others. Slow burner but the ending picks it up - ****

It's Complicated - Not Meyer's best but still a decent couples film - ***

Law Abiding Citizen - Very fun all out thriller - ****

P.S I Love You - Effective Rom-Com but one for the Ladies - ***

Paranormal Activity - Not believeable at all. Whatever's pestering them picks the wrong spots. - *

Sherlock Holmes - Dull, Boring but it's a good job Downey's in it - **

The Descent Part 2 - Like the first but worse. - *

The Fourth Kind - Stupid Alien Film - *

Twilight - Yeah, you know what it is. - ***

Twilight New Moon - Like the first but with Werewolves - **

Vantage Point - A little repetitive but an all round decent film - ***

Later today I'll be watching The Hurt Locker and seeing either The Road or Up In The Air tomorrow. 

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