Saturday, 9 January 2010

2010 Oscar Nomination Predictions.

Ok, Lets try it again. I'm gonna (once again) do my best to keep this blog up to date with Cinema & DVD reviews and odd bits here and there.

So in order to start fresh here are my 2010 Oscar Nomination Predictions. I won't say who I think will win in each category because I'll leave that till when the official nominations are released. Just take this as "If the Oscars where up to me" These are based on other award nominations and personal preference.

Best Animated Feature
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Monsters Vs Aliens
The Princess & The Frog

Best Original Screenplay
(500) Days Of Summer
District 9
Inglourious Basterds
The Hurt Locker

Best Adapted Screenplay
The Lovely Bones
The Road
Up In The Air
Where The Wild Things Are

Best Supporting Actress
Anna Kendrick - Up In The Air
Mo'Nique - Precious
Penelope Cruz - Nine
Vera Farmiga - Up In The Air
Zooey Deschanel - (500) Days Of Summer

Best Supporting Actor
Christoph Waltz - Inglourious Basterds
Matt Damon - Invictus
Stanley Tucci - The Lovely Bones
Zach Galifianakis - The Hangover
Zachary Quinto - Star Trek

Best Actress
Carey Mulligan - An Education
Gabourey Sidibe - Precious
Marion Coutillard - Nine
Meryl Streep - Julie & Julia
Sandra Bullock - The Blind Side

Best Actor
George Clooney - Up In The Air
Jeff Bridges - Crazy Heart
Joseph Gordon-Levitt - (500) Days Of Summer
Morgan Freeman - Invictus
Woody Harrelson - Zombieland

Best Director
James Cameron - Avatar
Jason Reitman - Up In The Air
Kathryn Bigelow - The Hurt Locker
Lee Daniels - Precious
Quentin Tarantino - Inglourious Basterds

Best Picture
(500) Days Of Summer
Inglourious Basterds
The Hangover
The Hurt Locker
Up In The Air

I would say that the Best Supporting Actor category is my main fantasy section but I think each deserves it.

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