Saturday, 13 March 2010

Review: The Hours

The Hours is a drama of sorts set in three different time periods. Nicole Kidman (& Her fake nose) is in the past as Virginia Woolf, Julianne Moore is in the 50's and Meryl Streep is in the present day.

To split in the film in 3 parts I'll start with Kidman. She plays Author Virginia Woolf, who I'm sure many know was a bit insane. She is under constant watch by her Husband and the orders given to him by her doctors. Woolf is usually locked away attempting to write her next novel (Which becomes Mrs. Deloway). Kidman is good in the role and gives the character/person a bit of depth.

Next we have Julianne Moore plays typical 50's housewife Laura Brown who is married to John C. Reilly's Dan. Moore comes across as very uncomfortable being left alone with her own child as Dan heads off to work. Personally, Moore creeped me out. The looks she was giving the kid were unnerving and I was waiting for her to do something. This, for me, was the least favourite story.

Now in my opinion the story revolving around Streep's Clarissa Vaughn was the best and very well delivered. Clarissa is planning a party to celebrate her ex hisband Richard's (Ed Harris) recent accolade. The story is played out well with good roles coming from Ed Harris, Jeff Daniels, Alison Janney and Claire Danes.

For me The Hours was a good film. I don't really understand why it was split into 3 parts as only 2 of those parts actually connect physically. At some points the film is quite dark so be warned by that.


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